We offer customs and logistics services to our customers through « DOUANE EXPRESS CUSTOMS”, a customs agency registered in the DRC. DOUANE EXPRESS CUSTOMS allows the smooth running of the various border crossings of the DRC, including KASUMBALESA, in the province of Katanga.

Our Strength


We rely on the support of our team of experienced customs officers, strong support software and various government departments to accelerate our customs operations on behalf of our clients.


For an import operation, starting with the T1 sheet at the border crossing, our agents are trained to track customer customs records and act as facilitators throughout the clearance process to release client assets. As soon as possible.

We Facilitate

Du point d’entrée et de sortie pour tous les types de produits pour approvisionner les usines, les villes et les populations en biens essentiels. Nous sommes une plaque tournante majeure pour les entreprises minières qui opèrent dans la région.


They trust on Us